Admissions entry essays are a crucial part of any student's application process for the Common App or the college application. College admission officers critique admissions entry essays for confirmation that a student is able to write well and argue a topic in a cohesive manner. Admissions essays give prospective students an opportunity to personally introduce themselves and are, essentially, the college's first qualitative impression of them. The quality of a student's admissions essay is often the deciding factor of acceptance or denial when GPA's and test scores fail to differentiate between two candidates. Students want to use their admissions essays to distinguish them from other candidates for their abilities, not their failures. That is why it is vital that your admissions essay be written in flawless and impeccable English. And we can help solve that problem! Don't just be good, be Great, let us do it for you!


Our team of expert and experienced writers are hand selected for their creativity, responsiveness and success within our team. All writers meet a strict set of quality controls and acedemic achievements before they are even considered to be part of our team. Our team is required to be native US English speaking and writing individuals. All team members are screened and evaluated regularly. All their work is reviewed and quality checked prior to being sent back to the student client. Every team member must be a highly accomplished writer, educator and expert within their own right and have extensive professional writing experience. Most team members have a graduate degree or higher. And some of the writers have sat on the admissions boards of prestigiouscolleges and universities.

And our organization has been providing steller essays to student applicants since 2007. 

What We Do For You!


We Can Give You The Edge


When you don't know where to start....


Despite a students stellar academic backgrounds, many well-qualified candidates lack the confidence to write their own admission essays. Some are unsure how to answer specific questions, while others have difficulty developing a cohesive theme. Many applicants brainstorm for weeks, only to produce a vague first draft that doesn't convey their unique strengths and experience. Sometimes the family is not versed in how to help. Or maybe English is not their native language.


For these candidates, we offer complete essay writing assistance. We will collect a "get to know you" profile which includes relevant personal information and organize a complete model essay that answers the question in an exceptional manner. Each essay is unique to the student and custom fit to the unique personal data and experience collected.


Our complete writing service is the best choice for candidates who are:

* facing a strict deadline 
* unfamiliar with the expectations of higher education 
* juggling multiple applications and essays 
* more comfortable with languages other than English 
* unable to transform their own experiences into compelling essays

* family situation is a distraction


We know what aspects of a personal statement stand out in the highly competitive applicant pool.


If this is what you need to solve your essay problems then order the appropriate service and you will be directed to the "get to know you" profile questionnaire for completion.


The information will be evaluated, you will be assigned a confidential cleint ID, and the writer best suited for you will start on your winning essay with a a unique theme that reflects your true potential for success. An essay will not be started until we have all of your essential information to write our best for you.




Don't Get Rejected...


For every entering class, admission to a high school, college or university is more competitive than ever. Top schools will typically reject 80-90% of all candidates, including many with perfect grade point averages and high test scores. How does the school decide who gets in? Many student applicants would kill to know the admissions "secret," the competitive edge that can help them win acceptance.


In such talented pools of applicants, exceptional writing (in a persuasive, well-conceived creative essay) often makes the difference between acceptance and rejection. Surprisingly, few applicants realize the importance of these factors in the evaluation process. Rather than write a compellling personal essay, they simply rehash their achievements in a boring, laundry-list style, leaving the impression that they are dull academic students. Others don't know what the committee is seeking, so they decide to "play it safe" by submitting a generic essay that could have been written by anyone. Sadly, these lackluster efforts rarely get the attention of the admissions staff.


Fortunately, we can help. College Essay Service has assembled a team of who's who, college graduate writers who many have served on admission committees for law school, medical school, business school and undergraduate programs. Through this experience, we have acquired a thorough understanding of the selection process and the challenges that candidates face to compete in such an exceptional pool of applicants, even at Ivy League schools.


Our mission is to write college essays that get you in! We understand the admission essay factors that influence the important acceptance or rejection decision. We know the most common and avoidable mistakes that will tank an applicant's chances. We created CES as a confidential resource for student clients who want to submit an exceptional application essay to the nation's top programs.








*DISCLAIMER - Admissions to competitive programs rely on many factors in addition to your essay, we can not guarantee acceptance to any specific school or program.

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