Here are the answers to many of the frequently asked questions...

Is this Ethical or Illegal?


Yes, we do believe our service to be ethical otherwise we would not exist. We are not making up the work in entirety, as the student client must answer a  "get to know you" profile before we start working.  We are only using their thoughts and ideas to be put to paper for client review and final approval.


No, this is not illegal, but some institutions may frown on our business model for one reason or another. If you notify the academic institution of this assistance they may disqualify you as an applicant.


We find our service almost therapeutic in a way. We solve the essay problems as it relieves stress from the student and household.


Think of us more like an advanced tutor, counselor or consultant taking your ideas and putting it to paper. The corporate world and Academia community have done this for years.


You can always take our essay, make a few modifications and then call it your own if you choose.


If you are really concerned about this, then you should use our professional proofreading service instead.

How does this work?


Once you submit payment, you will receive a link to the "get to know you" profile questions which are crucial for developing a personalized essay on your behalf.


We will review your information for completeness. If everything we need is there, we will assign you a confidential client number and assign a team member best suited for your situation. They will complete the assignment and turn the essay into our quality department for review.  We will quality review the work and forward the finished product to you for your review and acceptance.

How do you justify the price?


Expensive is relative, what are you comparing to? Similar services that don't assist in writing for you charge upwards of $5000 for consultation only!


What is the price you would pay to have a better chance to get into a great school of your choice?


Think about what you have spent on test prep fees and books and coaches.


You won't  find another service like this that helps you the way we do.

Why should I choose you?


We are experienced! Many of us on the team have went through this stressful time as either a student or a parent of a student.  We have great feedback of success. We are confidential with our clients. We use only top notch professional screened writers. We are reliable. We have been  around since 2007. We are the only service providing done for you essays, not just editing.

Who came up with crazy idea?

Parents and educators that were sick and tired of the system. Why create anxiety over writting an essay? Students have good and bad days, maybe writing isn't their strong suit, maybe the parents just can't lend assistance or English is not their native language. So we decided to solve the problem and have experts write for the students based upon their submitted profile. This eliminates the headaches and stress of the college admissions process and gives the student an edge.  We love higher education, we believe in it and we want everyone to have a fighting chance, so we hired the best to help with this aspect of admissions. 


College Essay Service was established to meet the growing demand of student admission essay writing, editing and proofreading found on the common app or individual college application. The academic world is a highly competitive place, students need to separate themselves with the highest quality answers they can. Students have enough on their plate and can be overwhelmed with multiple tasks. College Essay Service offers high quality admissions essay writing, editing, proofreading, scholarship response writing, high school admissions essays and more. This eliminates one more stressful event on the road to academic success at the college of your choice, saves time and gives the parent a peace of mind. 


Will my essay be unique?


Yes, every piece of work is unique as we demand it from our staff. As well as, they review the "get to know you" profile prior to starting any paper. Also, because we employ several writers, each writer has their own unique style and works. 


Do you only work with applicants to U.S. schools?


Yes, at this time we typically on work within the United States, because that is what we know best. We do work with foreign students applying at US schools.


We will look at requests from outside the US on a case by case basis.

Is this confidential?


Yes! Our staff writers and our clients are never revealed to anyone. In fact, the writers do not have access to your name. All transactions are kept confidential.

Is there a guarantee?


Nothing in life is guaranteed!


Many factors within your application and responses go into the admissions selection process. We attempt our best to help tilt the table in your favor.


Remember, we will make one FREE revision if we don't meet the expectations with the essay you receive, provided it is our work and not something you forgot to tell us. 


We do not offer refunds if you do not like the work after revision or do not get selected to the school of your choice.

Can I rush an order?


Maybe, depending on our work load we might be able to. This would be at an extra cost of course. Contact us with your situation.

Can I refer a friend and earn money?


Yes, we pay out referral fees up to $200 depending on the service your friend purchases.


In fact we hear, most of our clients would refer us or us us again.

Can I work for you?


Yes, we are always looking for more great team members. They work on a contract basis and you can work from home.


If interested please email us: 1. Your resume. 2. Two MLA / APA samples of your academic writing (including a bibliography/reference page). 3. A 600-word, original / never published (unless it was yours) essay answering one of these questions... How you learned from a failure; How you challenged a belief or idea; An ideal place you experienced.  Applications without resume, writing samples, and the 600-word essay will not be considered. If we decide to add you to our contractors list, we will respond at our earliest convenience. All writers are confidential and anonymous to our clients. We look forward to a successful cooperation with you.

How do I pay?


You can pay with most major credit cards. We are a PayPal verified business merchant. We can also send an invoice if you wish.

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