Admissions entry essays are a crucial part of any student's application process for the Common App or the college application. College admission officers critique admissions entry essays for confirmation that a student is able to write well and argue a topic in a cohesive manner. Admissions essays give prospective students an opportunity to personally introduce themselves and are, essentially, the college's first qualitative impression of them. The quality of a student's admissions essay is often the deciding factor of acceptance or denial when GPA's and test scores fail to differentiate between two candidates. Students want to use their admissions essays to distinguish them from other candidates for their abilities, not their failures. That is why it is vital that your admissions essay be written in flawless and impeccable English. And we can help solve that problem! Don't just be good, be Great, let us do it for you!


Our team of expert and experienced writers are hand selected for their creativity, responsiveness and success within our team. All writers meet a strict set of quality controls and acedemic achievements before they are even considered to be part of our team. Our team is required to be native US English speaking and writing individuals. All team members are screened and evaluated regularly. All their work is reviewed and quality checked prior to being sent back to the student client. Every team member must be a highly accomplished writer, educator and expert within their own right and have extensive professional writing experience. Most team members have a graduate degree or higher. And some of the writers have sat on the admissions boards of prestigiouscolleges and universities.

And our organization has been providing steller essays to student applicants since 2007. 


College Essay Service was established to meet the growing demand of student admission essay writing, editing and proofreading found on the common app or individual college application. The academic world is a highly competitive place, students need to separate themselves with the highest quality answers they can. Students have enough on their plate and can be overwhelmed with multiple tasks. College Essay Service offers high quality admissions essay writing, editing, proofreading, scholarship response writing, high school admissions essays and more. This eliminates one more stressful event on the road to academic success at the college of your choice, saves time and gives the parent a peace of mind.

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